Up & Down Tech-trofit Wins Media Room of the Year

Posted on March 17, 2010

Electronic House magazine has notified us that our project Up & Down Tech-trofit has been selected as either gold, silver or bronze Media Room of the Year. Places will be announced in the next few weeks. Regardless of where we finish, this is a huge honor. As soon as the results are finalized, we will update.

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StJohn Group Introduces Artcoustic Professional Studio and Home Cinema Speakers

Posted on February 17, 2010

New full-range speaker sports impressive power handing and sound pressure levels
in a cabinet only seven and a half inches deep

February 17, 2009 — Bellingham, WA — StJohn Group, North American distributor for Artcoustic, the leader in superbly engineered, aesthetically designed on-wall loudspeakers & subwoofers, has introduced a new speaker designed for professional studio and high-end home cinema applications. The new speaker – the Artcoustic Spitfire 4-2-1 model – is the latest addition to the Spitire line of professional-grade monitors and subwoofers.

Easily exceeding reference pressure levels with a maximum output of 122dB in a form factor that is less 7 and a half inches deep, each loudspeaker is sold with the Artcoustic PA-1800 power amp, which when tri-amped delivers 1800W per speaker. The 4-2-1 can be bi-amped or tri-amped. No additional subwoofers are needed.

The Spitfire 4-2-1 can also be partnered with the Spitfire Subwoofers, Spitfire Venues and additional PA1800 amplifiersas the audio centerpiece of the finest home cinema systems and professional studios.

The North American retail price for the speaker and amp combination is $4,460.

Typically known to interior designers and design-conscious consumers who seek out Artcoustic for its signature designer speaker grilles, the company has within the past two years also focused on power and performance for home cinemas with acoustically transparent screens, where speakers can be hidden away from view.

The Spitfire 4-2-1 consists of four ten inch sub units functioning below 120Hz, two ten inch bass/mid units functioning from 30 to 3,000Hz, and one compression horn functioning from 3.5kHz to 16kHz, -3dB.

Power Handling:
– Subwoofer 550watts into 8ohms
– Mid 250watts into 4ohms
– High 100watts into 8ohms
System SPL:
– Subwoofer 99dB into 8ohm 1watt 1m. max. SPL 118dB
– Mid 97dB into 4ohm 1watt 1m. max. SPL116dB
– Hi 104dB into 8ohm 1watt 1m. max. SPL122dB
Combined system SPL bi-amped or tri-amped:
100dB into 6ohm 1watt 1m. max SPL 122dB (mid and hi set to small)


– Width — 31.5 inches
– Height — 33.2 inches
– Depth — 7.33 inches

John Caldwell, sales director for StJohn Group, stated, “Artcoustic, the first manufacturer to introduce the now ubiquitous L/C/R sound bar speaker to the market in 2000 has once again pressed the envelope of performance with the introduction of the Spitfire 4-2-1. Known for their thin on-wall designs, the Artcoustic line now consists of 22 different models that look and sound amazing. While the 4-2-1 will most often find it’s way behind acoustically transparent projection screens of mid to large venue theaters, it has all the fidelity, impact and emotional satisfaction that our dealers and discriminating clients have come to expect.”


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Posted on February 10, 2010

As you can see we have launched our new website today. Check back for frequent updates regarding things of interest in the custom electronics integration industry and news relating to ForresterTech.

Let us know what you think of the new site in the comments below.

Live smart. Work smart.

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