Distributed Video

Share video sources (DIRECTV, cable, Kaleidescape, Blu-ray, etc.) throughout your home or business and bring flexibility and convenience to your viewing experience. Start a movie in your theater and finish it in the bedroom. View home security cameras on any display. Access your favorite recorded shows from your cable or satellite DVR in any room of the house.

Distributed Audio

Enjoy your favorite music in any room, any time, at the touch of a button. Interact with your music using touch panels, keypads, handheld remote controls and some smart phones. Access a vast array of sources ranging from FM/satellite/internet radio, your MP3 collection, iPod, Kaleidescape, etc.

Lighting Control

Enjoy the freedom to change the light that surrounds you in a single room, multiple rooms, or the whole-home, both inside and out. Free yourself from large banks of traditional light switches using elegant and easy to use lighting keypads. Turn off all lights in the house with the touch of the Good Night button. Highlight your home with customized lighting scenes for entertaining, movie night or a backyard barbecue. Learn how Lutron lighting control can enhance your lifestyle and save energy.

Automated Shades

Seamlessly integrate electronic light and daylight with Lutron shading solutions. Quickly, quietly and easily control sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging your furnishings. With the touch of a button, automatically raise and lower shades to reduce heat buildup or add instant privacy. Set shades to automatically raise and lower based on the season and time of the day. We blend technology with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for total light control.

Home Theater

Create the ultimate destination for watching your favorite movies, sporting events and television programs. Whether it is a dedicated theater or a multi-use room, ForresterTech can design, engineer and bring to life a true Hollywood experience for your home.

Audio & Video Calibration

Experience movies and music as the directors and composers intended and maximize the return on your investment. Our Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) and Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certified calibration specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to properly adjust your audio and video equipment and transform the way you see and hear your favorite media.

Gaming Centers

Surround sound headphones for a late night frag-fest. 1080p displays and projectors for full resolution graphics. An audio system that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action. Showcase your gaming prowess on a properly designed audio/video system from ForresterTech.

Technology Consulting

Not familiar with the benefits an integrated technology system can provide? Designing a home or business but not sure about your technology needs? ForresterTech can provide consulting services to help you determine what technology best fits your application and help you develop a system design backed up by detailed drawings and years of experience.

Technology Wiring

The backbone of any integrated technology system is the network of wiring that connects the various electronic devices. ForresterTech can help you specify the right wiring for your application and provide you with recommendations to help “future-proof” your wiring system.

Wired & Wireless Computer Networks

ForresterTech can specify and install the right equipment to provide you with fast, highly secure, reliable communication for your computers and other networked equipment, for personal or business use.

Security Integration

ForresterTech, in partnership with top local security companies, can provide the best in security systems integration including intrusion detection systems, early warning fire systems, automatic gate operators, surveillance cameras, digital video recording systems and much more.

Telephone Systems

ForresterTech can provide a variety of easy-to-use phone systems to manage multiple lines and multiple voicemail boxes. Easily transfer external calls between handsets, call or page other handsets, automatically mute whole-house music for incoming calls. We can design the right phone system for you home or small business needs.